Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Introduction is needed.

We needn't say another word. I now present to you: The most important Video Playlist ever devised.
 Please study, share, view closely, and prepare for a social revolution. Together, we can fight the New World Order.

Now, here's the preliminary Playlist which features excellent videos of nearly equal caliber. So, check out the following material, as well.

If you have any videos to add, please drop a line.
So, there you have, The greatest Playlist of all time.
and, as a special bonus, I will add my personal list of greatest videos: along with an additional collection of fantastic videos:

Perhaps, my blog will soon include others which have appeared on S.C.Shannon's Greatest Playlist. And, since we're on the subject of "The Best Ever", I would like to present the most important written material ever created. It's a simple blog, consisting of a few short sentences. But the message is far-reaching into future millennium. This might provide the key to maintaining our existence. Yet before presenting this blog, I would like to give the circumstances surrounding its conception.   The material originally derives from a blog written on behalf of Men's Rights.  It was titled "".   ITs author is responsible for thousands of fantastic articles. (their website is  So, it's somewhat surprising that his entire future was concentrated into one simple blog.
Meanwhile, I was becoming heavily involved in the Human Rights Movement for Europeans. And, when I read his blog, it inspired me to create an alternative message.  Instead of  focusing upon men, I chose to revolve the issue upon European Survival.   This includes women Equally with men.
So, I now give to you, the Greatest Blog of all-time.         


and, since we're on the subject of Greatest videos ever, I would now like to list the greatest Youtube  channels ever:
Later, I will finish the list.


tags:  together, we can stop racism, sexism, homophobia,  Neo Nazi and every other evil.  But in truth, Globalists are using these themes as a diversion.    The White People who comprise Western Civilization are the LEAST racist,  least sexist, and least homophobic people on earth.  We practice the most tolerance.  We are the most open minded.  So, why then, are Europeans (Euro-Caucasians, sometimes referred as White folks)  Why are we accused of being Racist, KKK, Neo Nazi's White Supremacists?    All the other cultures should learn to practice diversity and tolerance.  They are less open minded.    Therefore, Globalists should  be attacking them, instead. But, today's communists are trying to destroy Western Civilization.  They are trying to extinguish the most enlightened people on earth.   Note:  Today's Socialism is now being called Social Marxism. And, it's FAR worse than The Soviet Union, or Maoist China.  Those ideas were primarily economic and political.   Whereas, Social Marxism is Cultural Marxism.   In short:  it attacks the culture, rather than presenting any valid political agenda from a traditional standpoint.  pardon the run-on sentences and fragmented sentences. But sadly, this is the only terminology which is searched by web surfers on the search engines, such as Google, or Yahoo or Bing.   So..... when I use advanced linguistics, nobody will ever perform a Google Search for this.   That's why I've got to write like a moron, an asshole , I must write like a retard.  an idiot.  stupid idiot.  It's sad, but the internet has dummied the people down. And, cell phones, Texting, and Facebook have also contributed to making people ignorant, with poor writing skills and illegible talking.    It really sucks.  But, that's the price of technology and I-Phones, I Pods, Apple Macintosh Computers, Windows 7.